TEDX2018 Windsor Essex...

TEDX2018 Windsor Essex to achieve your greatest potential in your work journey; with a Culture of Collaboration!

Please share your stories in the comments and let us grow our potential together!

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International Club Richelieu...

Thank you to the International Club Richelieu for having me as guest speaker for their Annual Meeting...

Odyssey Award Recipient...

Its a real honor to join my peers as an Odyssey Award Recipient at the University of Windsor and know that you are allowed to be proud of yourself and be competent in your abilities always🖤 

Thank you those that help me along the way to achieve..


Professional Development in Windsor Ontario with my FSL Colleagues...

Professional Development in Windsor Ontario with my FSL Colleagues for ESL Subject Specific Learning. 

It's a pleasure to host our Ontario Public School Educators in Professional Development. 

Thank you to GECDSB for having me as the Learning provider 


Labor Day Parade with ETFO...

Labor Day Parade for ETFO Teachers Federation📚.. Let me assure you; without a Union your employer will work you past broken.

Be aware of the changes happening in Canada to your working conditions in all sectors!


Speaking to our French Heritage with SRC/CBC...

Merci Radio-Canada SRC/CBC Canada🇨🇦 

Thanks for having me today on the show Matins Sans Frontières with Jean-François and the whole team!

"the ability to speak French is the key in my pocket"...


Interview at CKLW..

Thanks for having me! Catch my interview with AM800 Mike Kakuk and Lisa about living, working and the international lifestyle! 
Thanks for asking about my Canadian Medal of Citizenship and I also wore my Spiritual Soldiers T's w/ insignia to support a local Windsor intiative by Mike Brown to help those in drug addiction recovery.
DYK: 1 in 5 Canadians is addicted to drugs and only 11% get and stay clean. We have alot of work to do Canada


ETFO Summer Academy 2017

It's a pleasure to host our Ontario Public School Educators in Professional Development. Thank you to ETFO for having me as the Learning Leader 😁



Schedule across Ontario with ME!

Bonjour Peeps!

Thanks for following me!

As you may have seen on my social media here is a list of my dates across the province of Ontario and I hope you can catch up with me! Soyez le bienvenue!

Below you will find a schedule of my events, workshops and more!!

June 19th : SRC/CBC Radio Canada in Windsor, Ontario
June 23rd: Lebanese Festival, Windsor, Ontario
June 25th: Lunch with Roxy in Toronto, Ontario
June 26th: Speaker and Chair Person at CICE Canada 2017
June 27th: CICE 2017 Diner
June 29th: Morning Drive with WRIF in Windsor, Ontario
July 11-13: ETFO in London, Ontario
July 18-20: ETFO in Mississauga, Ontario
August 14-17: ETFO AGM2017 in Toronto, Ontario


With Dennis Edrey...

A pleasure to hear Canadian Defense Lawyer Dennis Edrey and social activist speak in regards to his client Omar Khadr former Canadian Guatanamo Bay child prisoner ...