The French Cafe experience...

When teaching a foreign language it is important to create a healthy ambiance in the classroom where the student is not ashamed to take risks and wants to engage in the culture behind the language.

It is also important for the teacher to mould the classroom environment so that it resembles the language that is being learned and to co-create events that resemble those of that culture.

Learning a foreign language can be challenging when the students do not understand what they are learning or how to incorporate that language into their daily lives.

As a second language educator I believe that there is no better way to engage the students than in real-life experiences. These experiences need to correspond with the curriculm as well as the culture behind the language.

Please watch The French Cafe video to see how I incorporate second language learning with everyday experiences in order to intrigue the learner, promote the subject matter and engage the school community in the second language classroom!!