Intermediate French Travel Study Unit

These two web-sites give great insight into the French culture and the up-coming French presidential election 2012. Both sites are full of great learning and can be used in conjunction with any learning idea when studying the vast French culture.

My intermediate students are creating a travel brochure to France and they have these points to consider for their Learning Goal and Success Criteria: 

Learning Goal:
In a group of two you will plan a three-day adventure to Paris for the modern day traveler as well as foreign culture learner.

Success Criteria:
Create a 3 day brochure adventure to Paris using the criteria below. You make the brochure any way that you like!! Be creative…

Features of this project include:

1. Researching travel costs, including flight and hotel information

2. Researching artwork in Paris museums
3. Researching monuments in Paris
4. Researching restaurants, hotels, shopping in Paris.
5. Researching traveling on the metro, costs and metro stations in Paris.
6. Budgeting your money to travel in Paris and how much spending money you will need.

7. When is the best time to go and how long you will stay for, who will you go with and what will you do while you are in Paris.