Visual Art and the FSL/FLE learner

A great way to engage the students when learning a foreign language is through VISUAL ART. I have found that even my most stubborn students will find some pleasure and creativity when pursuing the Art of Art!! 

I created a Gallery Walk for my intermediate students to work independently with student centered activities. They had 4 centers that needed attention and detail in order to move on. The centers were called "Activiter" in French and the only NORM was to check in with the teacher when they needed help or did not understand the task at that particular center. 

The students were engaged and learning! I could not believe the creativity and learning that was done without my prompting but rather voluntarily on their behalf. Giving them the autonomy to create and learn on their own is a great tool that not only engages them but creates a thirst for more!

Another very cool objective that I implemented was self-moderation. Therefore, the student did not even check in with me when moving on to a new center as they had their class list where they would check in and continue on to the next center. This allowed for a mutual respect voir trust to be fostered between myself and the student; as they were responsible for their learning.

The centers I created were as follows:

 Activiter 1
·        Choose a picture from one of the art books provided
  •        Using crayon or colored pencil or pastels begin copying the picture you have chosen
  •        You may use a pencil to trace and or draw the picture free-hand
  •        Follow the same color pattern as the artist you choose to copy
 Activiter 2
Using one of the art books please complete the activity page
  •  You will need to complete this activity page using the information that is in the art books 
  • You also need to complete this activity by using complete sentences and by commenting on the tableau in the box provided on the activity page below
  • Please use the art books provided and no other resource as these artist’s are part of 
  • the French Revolution and or French history 
Activiter 3
Please choose a picture of Napoleon or the French Revolution  and recreate it using any digital imaging program that you like ( ex: Microsoft paint/ Photoshop/ Image recreation
  • Using any program online you are to choose any picture of Napoleon or the French Revolution and recreate it / Styling it to your creative abilities 
  • The image you choose to recreate can be in black and white or color 
  • You may manipulate the image any way you like
Activiter 4
Please use one of the laptops to fill out the “Famous French Person” profile page
  • You may choose any famous French person that you like and provide any information that is pertinent to that person’s life, career, history, family etc...
  •  Please research a famous French person and complete the activity page
  •  Please use complete sentences and add as much detail as possible
  • Please complete the activity with a picture
   Some ideas that I used from this activity are as follows:
  • I used the pictures that I took of the students engaged and creating to give feedback to their parents   with Happy Home Letters.
  • I am creating a wall display (learning display) that I will use as feedback from the students to each other and myself for future reference.
  • I had prepared no models and or visuals prior to the activity as I used their creations to help the learning of others. Therefore, my voice was not their guide but the creation of peers with help from each other as their minds are at the same plateau.
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