The Inverted Classroom in FSL/FLE Intermediate

The FSL/FLE learning homework for the Inverted Classroom...

Students are to check out the video below in order to complete the next day's lesson in class. A part of the inverted classroom allows students to progress at their own pace outside of the classroom without having to feel frustrated without their teacher. 

Some tips: 
  • Keep videos at 3 minutes or less
  • Have students as the video presenters as they are more prone to hear each other than the teacher who may fall redundant.
  • An inverted classroom is a teaching environment that mixes the use of technology with hands-on activities. 
  • In an inverted classroom, typical in-class lecture time is replaced with laboratory and in-class activities. 
  • Outside class time, lectures are delivered over some other medium such as video on-demand.
  • Contact hours are spent having students actively engaged in learning activities. 
  • Additional time outside of class is spent completing learning activities.
The goal here is to have students tell other students the task that they will be studying the next day. The student will re-learn the day's lesson as as well as engage their parents in their learning if needed. In order to complete learning tasks at school, the student is expected to learn and review material that would normally be taught in class at their leisure in their comfort zone. Then they return to class with their questions, ideas and learning tools in order to engage in the lesson with their teacher rather than the teacher talking TO the student; they talk together.

The inverted classroom is not about physical inversion, but rather it is a reference to an inversion of content.  In the inverted classroom students are expected to review materials that would normally be presented in class, including the lecture, outside of class time.  This frees class time up to focus on discussion, collaborative work, and engagement with the other activities that are traditionally done outside of class.  Typically instructors using this model of teaching will record a short lecture for students to view in place of the traditional lecture.  Students are expected to view this lecture as well as review any supplemental materials before coming to class.
Students have reported an acceptance of the inverted classroom model as well as increased engagement with collaborative activities in the classroom.  
Both of these are positive outcomes to the inverted classroom model!
Our Inverted Classroom in FSL/FLE intermediate...
1) Watch the video below of Ryan and Dalton explaining what we completed today in class.
2) Review other sources material in regards to this subject within the means that you may have.
3) Come prepared to class tomorrow ready to complete the prior days lesson..
4) Leave a comment if you would like to review anything in class tomorrow as we will review the video in class.