Le French Book

What a better way to get to know your students than through French Book!

Using common forms of social media in the classroom adds an element of realism to any lesson. When students are able to understand the concept and activity it allows them to embrace the language without hesitation. This activity touches on all 3 strands of the FSL curriculum which are reading, writing and oral communication as well as the CECR. 

Why complicate the lesson and learning when the students are already trying to figure out the vocabulary in the second language!

Having the students create the their own French Book is a great way to get them communicating in a second language as well as a great starter in September for back to school and self presentation in a new grade and among their peers.  The activity presents itself in a simple paper form however your students imaginations run deep and they may want to recreate, add or eliminate certain elements to their taste.
Attention: You may just hear your students asking to French Book YOU!!