Read, Read, Read to your students in FSL

Read to your students in FSL...

Reading to children in any language is beneficial. The effects reading can have on children are widespread and conclude the same outcome in any finding; IT WILL ENRICH THEIR VOCABULARY AS WELL AS OTHER AMAZING BENEFITS!! 

Watch these two videos as I read to my students in French using a French art picture book. We then dissect the book and retell familiar words as well as new words that we did not know prior to the reading. These students are in my grade 5 FSL class and are read to on a weekly basis. 

I feel it very important to expose the students to higher level thinking, reading and writing which will in return promote oral communication. As part of the CEFR, we as educators are consistently trying to expose our students to authentic, practical and enriching tasks. I feel that reading to your students promotes the CEFR as well as exposes the students to authors, tales and more in another language.

"Children who were read to daily did better in the naming 
vocabulary, which involved the children being 
shown a picture and asked to identify the object..."