Creating Art in FSL....

Creating Art in FSL...

Getting your students engaged in art in your FSL creates a willingness to learn. Art has a way of engaging students like NO OTHER and why not pair it with French!! 

In my FSL class we are constantly finding ways to incorporate art into our lesson's. My students and I create artistic pieces based on French culture and French history. 

Recently with my intermediate students have re-created the school map as well as, my junior students created the Eiffel tower using macaroni noodles. I even had a group students go as far as create a virtual school map that you can check out here: http://eastwoodmapfrench.hostoi.com/Main.html 

The more engaging and active the lesson, the more your students will embrace their own learning and use your teaching as a guide while they create the French that they can and want to understand.

The students loved these activities as the are very hands on and independent  Activities such as these appeal to the visual, kinesthetic and auditory learner..