Pintèrréssant en FSL...

Why not have your students re-create a common social media site? Keep it simple and easy as well as in French!! 

Your students can enjoy learning French in an atmosphere that is modern and very keen on creating real life experience in order to learn a language. 

The truth is that I had an idea and made it a reality for my students. I realized that perhaps if I am spending some of my precious time on Pinterest; why not have my students create their own in French class!! 

Therefore, I proposed the idea to them and they loved it!! They wanted to begin right away as well as create on-line version's of their French Pintèrréssant!!  

Check this one out: http://pinterest.com/emilyshani/

So cool!! 

In FSL class it is always best to keep the task, goal and rhetoric simple as confusing the students will only change their deposition towards French.  Here are some of the images that my intermediate students have created as well as their on-line versions. I have also provided the anchor chart that we created as a class to identify the learning goal and success criteria.