Films are a great way to learn...

Films, films, films in FSL...

Watching films helps student get motivated about learning a second language as they can reference what they are learning. It acts as a tool to help the visual learner identify certain language, cultural and linguistic structures that the learner may otherwise never see!

Why not play a great film like the 3 Muskateers  or Les Misérables or even a comedy français like Le Panther Rose to ignite the love of culture and language in your students!

In my FSL class we are watching films as a tool to fuel our learning of the French language as well as to foster writing, reading and oral communication. Films can ignite these 3 strands as many topics can be discussed, re-enacted and even written about! 

While films are being played I take the time to interview my students on what they are learning in their homeroom Language Arts class. Upon this research, I can create activities around the film with prompts from their homeroom Language Class.

Once I have gathered all that information, I create similar activities like the Q.W.T ( Quick Write Topic) so that my students are familiar with the task they are going to complete after the film has finished. 

Keeping my FSL curriculum present and bridging my colleagues Language Arts together creates perfect harmony for the FSL learner. This creates ease in their minds as they are well aware of the task at hand that may follow the film!

So go ahead and rent something great for your students to indulge in!!