Le monde des texto's en FSL...

Les SMS en FSL...

What can cellphones bring to an FSL class?? 

Some may say it is foolish to let your students use these kinds of electronic devices however, I have found that it not only motivates my students but gives them a purpose to use their device in class.

The students seem motivated and eager to learn when they are allowed to use devices that they are already familiar with! Why not try something new with your students and have them create some of the great things you see below!! 

Below you will find an activity that I completed with my junior students. It can be tailored to any grade level and perhaps you can create Twitter accounts or any option that is available to you in your school.

This activity engages writing, reading and oral communication. Therefore,many neat conversations can came out of this activity and it can give the students a chance to be creative while speaking/writing in French.

A little follow-up you ask!!

We then created phone numbers and called each other in class en français. The kids would say the numbers/ salutations in French out loud and the other would answer. Caller A then read either a SMS to caller B or spontaneous simple conversation.

The coolest part was that each student had created their own phone (as the photos show) and the phones are so big it was a giggle fest also!!