The 5 sense's and some science in FSL...

The 5 sense's and some science in FSL...
Cross curricular projects can be a great way to get your students motivated in the FSL class. It can yield wonderful results when you see, hear and feel the positive energy that simple yet challenging tasks such as Les 5 senses can bring. One way of incorporating this fun yet very creative activity into your FSL class is using art as well as student inquiry. 

I use the term student inquiry as I had my students live the experience of each of those 5 sense's. The students were asked to complete survey's, questionnaire's and even go on scavenger hunts to develop their 5 sense's as well complete the activities in class.

We had anchor charts that needed to be labelled, we roamed the school for our 5 sense's inquiry and we are completing the activity with art. These are fascinating ways to get your students motivated, moving and leading their learning. For this unit  I am providing the model for each part that we complete. The many posters and anchor charts are used as assessment and you may conference with the student for an oral French mark by asking questions such as: Tell me about your poster, what do you know about each component.  





This link is to an English song but it was really great I thought, covered many of the concepts about senses and more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYL6QYkhQ_M&feature=related

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