What does your FSL class look like...

What does your FSL class look like??

Although some educators may say that it is purely aesthetic, however the FSL classroom should reflect the learning that goes on it that class. Some educators prefer to keep it simple and very neutral displaying pre-made or bought decorations however I like to embody the students learning, classroom culture as well as the school community with a little of my own dash to create a wonderful learning ambiance. One of my favorite things about teaching is the ability to create the kindest most embracing yet authentic environment for our learners. Some decorating ideas can be carried throughout the year, or applied to open houses, first week of school, holidays, etc. 

Students will respond to the way you as an educator treat your learning environment and will treat the classroom the same way. If you as the educator do not display a positive, healthy and motivating environment for the students to learn in, the students may not have the ambition or desire to learn regardless of the lesson. Once a seed is planted, it's easy to grow an amazing amount of ideas from it!

Have a peak at these ideas from my classroom and use what you like and leave what doesn't apply...