Le panier Française

I developed this idea to incorporate the FSL curriculum as well as hands on kinesthetic learning. This meant that we were creating a French fruit basket, since part of the grade 4 FSL curriculum requires students to learn about familiar topics which are relevant to everyday situations such as food and beverages. 

The students created fruit and vegetable baskets out of shoe boxes and decorated them to create a French ambiance. I got the shoe boxes from a local department store, the boxes open with an ease close yet attached lid. This allowed the students to keep all their materials inside the box as well as for storage space if you don't have your own classroom. The students then filled the boxes with their favorite fruit, vegetables by cutting them out of construction paper. The students were asked to label the contents of their box as well create a short presentation. 

This activity was easy and creative yet challenging as they had to create everything in French. To prepare we watched French commercials, studied vocabulary, created sentences using old (yet clean) fruit containers and played games using French flash cards. Normally the class would begin with the calendar followed by any of the above mentioned strategies. 

The thinking behind the French fruit basket was to integrate the grade 4 curriculum which states that there must be a strong emphasis on helping students develop oral communication skills to interact effectively with others and to express themselves clearly in French. 

Therefore, if speaking activities are required to create real-life situations, activities such as "Le panier  Française"  can be developed in the classroom which are relevant to the curriculum and are engaging for students. This activity is also tied to the curriculum as the end result will be to have students engage in authentic oral communication in French by explaining the contents if their box to each other.