Joint learning in French with grade 8 and grade 1 in French...

One of the changes that I had made this year in my teaching practice was to have my intermediate students engage more with the primary division at our school. I felt it was necessary to have the primary students (who are one day coming to FSL) exposed to the learning that is taking place in my classroom everyday. 

Also, I believe that the intermediate students have a capacity for leadership that is exposed once they are put in a position of supervision and leadership among the youngest members of our school. 

Since we had been working on projects all year at various cycles in the school year and the students were already accustomed to working independently, I created a project that required the students to be creative in return. 

This project allowed the students to work in groups and create a project where they will teach a group of primary students from grades 1-4 basic French. The students were given the opportunity to teach them any topic of their choice ranging from salutations in French to transportation, colors and even sea creatures! 

The students were very very creative while completing the components of this project! Not only did this project intrigue my students however it began to intrigue other members of my education circle. This joint learning project began as simple project to involve all the students that I teach however it transcended into the minds of my colleagues. 

This project has allowed me to enrich my thinking as an educator and has given me the opportunity to work with other colleagues in creating this pedagogical research project. Once I began to further explore this model of documentation I began to understand how my students are thinking and learning. I wanted to asses their learning and perhaps change the strategies that I am using to teach them more effectively.