The paint chip in FSL...

So I recently attended a workshop and realized that everything that is being done in a "regular" class can also be done in FSL! I watched as the other educators explained activities and the wheels were turning! I began to see all of these awesome ideas taking place in my classroom as well. I just knew that my students would love them!

One of the ideas that I began with was the paint chip. In this activity the students have been making a "self-directed" dictionary. Instead of me telling them what words they need to remember I let the students write down all the words that they see as important to their learning. My classroom is about the students believing in themselves and having the confidence learn and speak in a second language.

As their teacher I feel that when they have a passion towards something and when they ( the students) own their learning they will feel more confident to participate in the lesson.

Now back to the idea! 

The students create their own dictionary of important vocabulary based on their perspective of what we are learning. This can work for the days of the week, the months to food and drink in French. They use the paint chip to write down their favorite words in the darker color and continue to classify their words by the colors of the paint chip. I use different paint chips based on the theme we are learning this way the students can identify the words to a certain theme. This way they have a collection of words and they can use their words from one unit to the next when composing paragraph's, plays and the like.