Les têtes d'affiches de la 7/8ième années en FLS...

Normally in French Second Language we want to get the students talking as much as possible. Oral interaction is the best to get the students speaking in a second language. Many students may feel shy at first however; I have found that the best way to get the students comfortable and break the ice immediately is by TALKING ABOUT THEMSELVES!

Since I am the only French teacher at my school I feel that I need to consistently change up the activities so that the students do not get bored and are not feeling that the class is getting stale. A great activity for anytime of year (since the students are always changing and evolving as students and in their interests/hobbies) is the Tête d'affiche activity

This activity has the student use art and language in one class! It is simple to make yet complex in theory as the students need to complete a poster based on themselves and then present it to the class. However the poster needs to look like THEM!! In order to create this I had the students cut a big circle out of the middle of the poster so that they can use their face instead of a drawing or a picture. It makes it meaningful and real as well as they can then re-enact a PHOTO BOOTH session and share posters!

My intermediate students loved it so much! It was such a highlight for them and as you can see on my Twitter feed that the students just had a blast with this activity. Check out the link below to see a video that I created in regards to my students and this activity. You can instantly see and feel how well the students connected to the learning and wanted to engage themselves in the lesson!