A game for verbs..

So with the students we did a game for the ADJECTIVES in French and the verb ETRE (not that we are not always playing games! Ha). They write as many adjectives as they can on pieces of paper, one side in English and one side in French, and then they place them in hula hoops for MASCULINE AND FEMININE and if any are PLURAL. They have ten minutes to complete this step.

Then we put all the cards in different hoola hoops. Once the 10 minutes were up, I regrouped the students and had explained that I would be putting on a song (in French ex: Maitre Gims Title: One shot) and that they had to find an adjective that describes them. Once they have found the right adjective that they are comfortable with they will come and create a circle silently holding the French portion of their adjective in the air for the class o know that they are ready to continue. I repeat, They had the length of one song only!  

Once the music stops, I choose a student to begin speaking. This is where we add the verb ETRE and ADJECTIF together to create our sentences in French. An example of this would be: Je suis belle or Je suis beau. 

However once they are done saying their sentence, they need to switch a card with another person and switch to their spot as well. Then we continue and all the students have new cards and we begin again by choosing another student to complete the same task as above. Then that person shares their word and we continue in that order..