Schedule across Ontario with ME!

Bonjour Peeps!

Thanks for following me!

As you may have seen on my social media here is a list of my dates across the province of Ontario and I hope you can catch up with me! Soyez le bienvenue!

Below you will find a schedule of my events, workshops and more!!

June 19th : SRC/CBC Radio Canada in Windsor, Ontario
June 23rd: Lebanese Festival, Windsor, Ontario
June 25th: Lunch with Roxy in Toronto, Ontario
June 26th: Speaker and Chair Person at CICE Canada 2017
June 27th: CICE 2017 Diner
June 29th: Morning Drive with WRIF in Windsor, Ontario
July 11-13: ETFO in London, Ontario
July 18-20: ETFO in Mississauga, Ontario
August 14-17: ETFO AGM2017 in Toronto, Ontario